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Do you own a small business in Calgary? You are definitely going to run into the most essential tool for assisting and building your startup which is internet marketing. In 2019 the newest trend is internet marketing, Internet marketing allows one to promote their company and reach a broader audience. All the successful businesses build a relationship with new customers. This can be efficiently done with new and effective marketing techniques. In this post I will be covering the most important parts for marketing online.

Keyword search

Before diving into SEO in Calgary, you must first fully grasp the urgency of keyword research and how Keywords can to build your edge in your industry. I will be sharing with you two very effective tips that can assist you with your keyword strategy.

Utilize Google Suggest to find which keywords rank the highest in your specialization – Google Suggest is an amazing tool that helps users find the keywords that will work best for their industry. It allows you as a business owner to input words like “Calgary SEO” and it will locate the best keywords for your business. Might not sound to promising it’s one of the best ways to reach the top of Google for your business. This especially comes into play if your competitor’s are higher ranked then you on Google. Google Keyword will automatically scan the use of your competitor’s keywords.

Content marketing

Since you now have utilized your greatest tool in the keyword war, your Google ratings are now going to be closer to your goal of increasing web traffic. If the strategy that you put into play was properly used, You will see a big increase for your online presence within a few months. Since waiting means losing business there are lots of other strategy’s which we will cover here and that is content marketing. If you focus on content marketing you will attract more high quality customers to your website.. See Clickburst’s blog as a great example of content marketing.

Use the research that you have found

When creating content it should incorporate the keywords that you have chosen from Google Suggest. By using these special words in the content that you have created you are able to create more relevant, valuable and informative pages that your customers will love. Because of this, Google will automatically bump your site and move it’s ranking higher.

Make your pages interesting

For most business in many industries, many articles use the same topic which means that the article that you have spent time and effort creating has many rivals offering the same information. If you are able to creating highly engaging and knowledgeable content it will keep your customers from seeking your competitors for the information.

Keep it original

In order for your content to receive the best Google rating it has to be original. In order to do this it’s recommended that you find and write information that your customers will not find on your competitors websites.
Social media marketing
Social media can be a great tool that can lead to huge growth for a small business. It helps you in building your online brand and generate quality leads. The number one thing that marketers will tell you is that social media is the biggest cause of boosting your brands online presence. Here are two tips to help you get a grasp on social media.

Make a plan

Before you complete anything with your Social media you should have a plan for your success. It’s a major waste of time to jump into social media marketing without it.
Start small
There is a plethora of social media networks for businesses to take advantage of. But since you are just starting your business it’s recommended that you start small. The Social networks the are able to bring the best leads to your company are Twitter Instagram and Facebook. By signing up to these three you can easily monitor and maximize your efforts. orts.

If you’re struggling with any of this, get in contact, we’re here to help! Check out our Alberta SEO focused homepage for more

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