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Welcome to your new SEO Agency.

We are an SEO Agency with a single goal in mind. To get you to the top of the Google search results. Click here to see how we’ll do it.

“When you reach the top, we reach the top.”

Blanket SEO was created with the passion for assisting your company’s growth and success. We understand that driving new revenue and aquiring traffic is no easy task, however regardless of what your business does, we have a tailor made specific strategy that will generate results. Getting to the top of Google doesn’t just generate massive amounts of traffic, customers are more likely to trust you as a market leader. Your website and online prence is an asset, one which can be developed into a resource which is generating repeat free leads. Name one other marketing method that can beat that on ROI. 

  When you work with Blanket SEO, you can be assured of a completely transparent process, we do a tremendous amount of internal reports, spreadsheets and note all of our work, meaning if you ever request to see the hours of work we have put into generating your results, it is fully available upon request.

 So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!