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An Alberta SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Agency That Delivers

We are the #1 Alberta SEO Agency. Blanket SEO is an Alberta SEO company, based in Calgary that specializes in getting websites to dominate the search engines and their competitors. We will increase your rank on Google’s results pages.

To grow your business there is traditionally two methods which you can use. The first is to pay for advertising – this is expensive, doesn’t give you repeat business once the spend stops and every other business is doing the same, meaning if you gain a hefty ROI on your spend, typically other businesses will be quick to outbid you, and cut their margins slightly to outprice you. 

The results? Traditional paid advertising has low ROI.

The second option is to hire a marketer, someone who has experience in generating business and everyone knows how expensive that can be. The average digital marketer in Canada has a salary of $58,000.

There is a third option however; did you know that only 19% of searchers click on a paid Google ad? Not only that, but the second you stop paying for the ads – the traffic completely stops flowing. The alternative? SEO.

As your competitors recognize that paid is an option, more and more companies flood paid Google searches, decreasing ROI, single clicks can cost an absolute fortune, to the point where ROI is minimal. 

The best internet marketing strategy is one which ensures that your investments are long-term and drive continuous business – SEO does this, we believe this is what makes SEO the best online advertising strategy for Alberta businesses.

Blanket SEO does this better than the majority of online marketing companies at a fraction of the cost of building a pay per click and social media campaign. 

Alberta SEO

How much is Alberta search engine optimization worth?

So how good is SEO for Alberta business owners? Let’s use the search term “Calgary Plumbing”  as our example. When we take into account that 96% of those searches will click on a result that is on the first page, especially on the top three results, it becomes clear that getting to the top of Google has a ROI that is unparalleled. 

Take this into consideration for example – the cost for a paid ad, at the top of the organic search results (the ones that only 19% of people will usually click on) costs a whopping $30 per click. THAT’S RIGHT! Not per customer, PER CLICK. Alberta SEO really works, it generates a significant ROI and above all, it is repeatable!


The real value of Alberta SEO Local Search

Lets take a look at some actual Alberta SEO terms to see how much business they are really bringing to the top results. Keep in mind these are small businesses, not large corporations. We want to show how valuable Calgary SEO really is.

 Here are some of the examples we have found, but please keep in mind that Google is notorious for under-reporting these search terms, so in reality it’s likely a lot more (even though they’re already huge). We have ready-to-go Alberta SEO strategies for every business, so don’t worry about what sector your business operates within.


Calgary Plumbing
Calgary Electrician
Calgary Roofing
Calgary SEO

Calgary SEO and Alberta has a whole has a huge ROI. It is important to note that these terms are for the exact searches only! This means that “Calgary Plumber” is a completely different search, therefore realistically there are many more people searching for these kinds of businesses, just with slightly different search keywords.

There is no better way to increase your online visibility than SEO.

If there’s an equal conversion rate between the top three businesses, each of the top three results are getting traffic worth $29,700 each. Don’t let the figure alarm you however, if you’re thinking that Calgary SEO is going to cost your business a fortune, you’d be wrong. SEO is affordable for almost every local business. 

At Alberta SEO – Blanket SEO Agency we charge as little as $500 per month for our most basic services which in most businesses, depending on the difficulty and competition can see some significant results and ROI.

Now this price isn’t set by Google. This price is set by how many people are bidding to pay for the key word. This means that $30 per click is actually fair and gives the plumbers at the top of the list a ROI. Using some simple math, if we assume that 60% of people click on the first three results of the search, this is what makes Calgary SEO so special. 

Our Calgary Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

This is our time-proven method of ranking Alberta businesses at the top of search engines. Alberta SEO is not an art, it is a science and although Google never fully reveals exactly what ranks a website, there is proven methods which we will use to catapult you up the search rankings.


Data Analysis

We will take a deep-dive analysis into the key words you wish to rank for, your customers, competitors and the businesses which rank above you. We will then compare your site using technical audits of your website, local citations and backlink profile.- We will check the content of your website and grade how friendly the structure of the content will be to Googles index.


We will create a check-list of actions that will be required to improve your on-site SEO and web page optimization. This will be fixing your websites code and design, creating a site-map and assigning keywords to specific pages, and a strategy to develop strong backlinks. - We will develop a content plan that will target keywords which will generate you quality traffic.


We will begin implementing your strategy, we will redeign parts of your website (if required) and structure the content on each phrase to target specific key words which will bring in traffic from your required area (either local, national or international).- We will begin writing content and will obtain backlinks using our time-tested outreach strategy.


You will begin climbing the Google search rankings. You should be seeing increased traffic and therefore leads soon after implementation, however the full results of SEO typically take 1-2 months to see the full benefits of the campaign.Adjustments will continually be made based on the data which we receive from Google Analytics and our other analytical software. This will ensure that your strategy remains agile and results are continually seen.

What can Blanket SEO do for you?

Frequently asked questions for Alberta or Calgary SEO

Although we do not require you to sign a contract longer than 1 month, we do strongly recommend that our services are taken on for at least 3 months, as that’s how long results typically take to fully manifest. However ultimately this is down to you and what will work for your business.

Feel free to request a free video audit, in which we will give you some completely free tips on what you can do to improve your site, we also have a “Calgary SEO Tips” blog which will give you an easy place to start doing SEO for yourself, however this does not cover the most advanced techniques, it will help give you a good foundation to build upon.

This is highly dependent on your competition and what keyword you are trying to rank for. We have seen results within a day, however this is generally not typical, however you should be seeing results within a month, and the full improvements should be seen 2-3 months after the work is complete in the worst case, however it is usually a lot quicker.

Of course! Blogging and content is one of the centerpieces of SEO, and part of your strategy will be writing content which is engaging, targets the right people and helps bring in repeat traffic. We have expert content writers on our team which can dive deep into your target audience and create engaging content which they (and Google) will love.

Definitely! Websites which are outdated and are old typically have bad on-page optimization. Web designers typically can make an amazing website that looks great, however the website will load slow (a big factor in SEO), it’ll not have proper site structure and will struggle to rank in Google. The solution? Hire a Alberta SEO expert to build the website for you! Not only will we create an amazing website, we will also ensure that the site is build with SEO as a priority! Every small business should have a website, and we provide only the best.

We have a variety of partners within media, blog owners, as well as PR. We also use blog outreach services

Comprehensive Analysis of your website's SEO

One of the most impactful factors of SEO  isn’t just how a page reads to a human, but how the page reads to Googles page searching bot, which is called a spider. These spiders “crawl” your site and rate the structure of your code, text, images and the content within. 

Even if your content is highly relevant and useful to people visually, if the back end of your code isn’t optimized to the Googlebot then it will be detrimental to your websites SEO. 

This means that before you even begin adding content, it is important that the structure of your back-end code is optimized in order to place the content in such a way that it is seen as optimal for Google.

This is what is referred to as technical SEO, or on-site SEO. This is one of the reason’s we’re the best at Alberta SEO.

At Blanket SEO, we not only have the best Alberta SEO experts in the field, but we also have expert web designers on-hand which ensures that websites are designed to not only visually be appealing, but to also appeal to Google’s algorithm. 

Many website designers can make your website be visually appealing, but very few can make a website which is visually appealing to people and also appealing to Google.

Site Structure

As you’d expect, the EXACT ranking procedure Google uses to determine how optimal a site’s structure is cannot be fully known, however through years of trial and error we have narrowed it down to a science. 

We manually check over your code structure, ensuring that the code is user friendly as well as search engine friendly, which will therefore increase your search engine ranks (SERPs).

 This is Screaming Frog, one of the search engine optimization on page evaluation tools. We use this tool on conjunction with expert coders and manual checks, as well as many others tools to optimize your site structure.

One of the lesser known ranking factors Google uses to determine a page’s authority and ranking is how users actually use the site once they click onto the link after searching. Google evaluates many of the user’s behaviours, here is some:

  1.  How many pages a visitor clicks on before leaving the site.
  2.  How long a visitor will stay on the site for.
  3. What other links a competitor will click on after leaving your site.

It is therefore our job to make the website as user friendly as possible, to ensure that a user will stay engaged and the audience is correct and will not instantly leave the site (this is called your “bounce rate”). 

As you can probably tell, getting the optimal balance of SEO for people and Google is difficult, however we are experts and years of practice has equipped us with the knowledge on how to strike this balance.

Site speed

Google announced in July 2018 that site speed will be a major ranking factor. It is important to note that this is for both mobile and desktop versions of your site (see more about this further down the page). 

This is also beneficial for keeping your bounce rate down, as many users will leave your site if it doesn’t load within 4 seconds. Lucky for us – Google released a tool which will check the loading speed for sites and suggest code changes for web developers to implement. Test your website here. 
Calgary SEO Site Speed Optimization

As you can see, it is highly important for both users and search engines that sites load quickly even if the content on the site is in-depth and has a lot of videos/images. This can be done using compression and defer technology.

Mobile optimization

How much of your traffic comes from mobiles? If it’s anything similar to ours – you’ll be very surprised at how high this number actually is. Google obviously knows this and released an update which is widely-known in the SEO community as “mobile first” . 

This means that not only is your website’s usability and compatibility with mobiles important for the results originating from a mobile device, but it is also important for your ranking when the traffic is coming from a desktop user. More than 51% of smartphone users have bought something whilst using their phone, therefore if you are a business looking to maximize profitability (which you most certainly are) then it is imperative that your site has to be mobile optimized. 

This number is only going to increase, and with 60% of Google searches originating from mobile, we will ensure that your site is designed with mobile friendliness in mind, as well as optimized.
Calgary Mobile SEO Sites Statistics

Mobile is taking over, and we are at the forefront of mobile SEO in Calgary, Alberta and Canada as a whole. Trust Blanket SEO to ensure that your website and SEO has mobile in strong consideration.



 How does Google know where all of your pages are? Well they typically use two methods, one of by looking for links on your pages which have been indexed (submitted to Google) however sometimes Google will miss a page, or perhaps your website isn’t indexed at all and that is why it isn’t showing whatsoever. The other method is sitemaps. We will create a sitemap and submit it to Google to ensure that your site and all of it’s pages are visible to search engines.


 The security of your website is also one of Google’s top priorities. Are you using SSL encryption? The majority of website management systems allow for SSL to be put in place, we will add SSL not only to benefit the people using your site – but because it plays a large factor in your website’s ranking.

Check for the little lock to the left of your website address. If the lock is present – your site has SSL enabled.

Blanket SEO SSL

Official Google Tools

Although Google is secretive about the methods they use to rank websites, they have a large set of tools that can be used to guess and analyse the data that they collect. 
We utilize these tools to the fullest extent, ensuring that we are up-to-date with the latest practises and methods of evaluating sites in order to get them to the top of the Google search results. We use both Google Search Console and Google Analytics
Alberta SEO Google Analytics

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